This lot know what they’re doing. I’m latching on to them to be hip by association
— Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels)


Athenaeum is an exciting young production company telling compelling stories written, performed and produced for stage and screen. Athenaeum bridges the generation gap and predominantly tackles themes which are taboo in society by examining the challenges faced by many people today. It deals with these topics by creating individual worlds and makes no apology for refusing to shy away from their gritty reality.

Athenaeum was founded in April 2017 by George Jaques. He created the company for young people as he felt strongly about the benefits that theatre and film has as a medium for self-expression, something particularly important for young adults caught in the limbo between the security of childhood and the independence of adulthood. The company work closely with charities such as Childline and the DSM Foundation raising money and awareness through their productions.

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